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Unity is Power and Cannot Be Underestimated

If you want to make a difference, you cannot break through the clutter alone. Together we are POWERFUL!

The United Parents Support Network is bringing together a united voice of nonprofit organizations and parent groups in a network aligned to advocate for and cause transformation in how children are educated.  Our unifying message is They Are My Kids!

  • Reach more people in your community
  • Receive support in your marketing and communication efforts
  • Be effective in getting your message across
Parents Supporting Parents Protecting Kids

The United Parents Support Network is not directly associated with American Federation for Children, though we support their efforts. This video makes a strong point for pulling together to create an effective outcome.

Single Voices Are Easily Ignored

In 2024, it’s clear: government-run schools have transformed into indoctrination centers, controlled by radical Marxists bent on reshaping America. Their mission is to teach our kids to hate our country, to create division within families, and even for our kids to hate themselves. While many teachers genuinely care about education quality, they’re often silenced by union pressure. Behind this indoctrination effort are well-funded, organized unions and politicians, singularly focused on brainwashing our kids for their selfish ends.

Nonprofit organizations and small parent groups supporting educational freedom face a multitude of challenges in their efforts. Limited resources, lack of funding, and a small support base can make it difficult for many of these organizations to have a significant impact on their own. Additionally, they may face opposition from powerful teachers’ unions and political groups who are resistant to change or have vested interests in maintaining their control.

We have a national, organized, well-funded, strategic program to unite individuals and organizations that currently promote their unique plans to create synergism, a common focus, and list of priorities. Out of individual voices, we are creating a universal voice.

The Benefits Of Being In The Network

We Are Stronger Together
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Social Media Visibility

Create a unified social media presence, share each other’s content, and amplify their messages through hashtags and collaborations using our technology.

We are all in this together

Build a Stronger Community

Together we can be strong enough to influence decision making and equal the playing field. Build teams of supporters in our individual communities.

What you think matters

Share What Is Important To You

Collaboration amplifies your message by communicating what you do through our network to others who share a similar goal.