United Parent Support Network Logo

Cooperation, Independence, Unification
A Powerful Foundation

United Parents Support Network is a cooperative of independent organizations and groups united that parents are the leaders in their children's education.

This Cooperative serves the community of parents and families in the education of their kids. It is a standalone entity made up of independent organizations with a shared purpose. Through membership, it will bring a greater voice to each organization’s overall purpose. Without specifically saying it, behind the individual organization’s stated objectives is a parent saying, “They Are My Kids!

Why a Cooperative?

Through extensive research of various non-profit organizations and small parent groups dedicated to improving education in America, it has become clear that many of these organizations lack the time, money, and resources required to make a significant difference in improving education on their own. On the other hand, teachers’ unions and radical politicians have a unified and intensely focused agenda for controlling our children’s minds.

The solution is to encourage these organizations to join and participate in a “Network” that is dedicated to helping each organization achieve its goals and objectives with a more united theme.

The Network

Every Network member will continue to promote their respective brands, products, and services as they have been doing. However, to draw national attention to their brands and products and make a strong statement, they will combine the common theme logo of “They Are My Kids!” to their marketing and advertising programs. By promoting this powerful message through their organizational networks, they create a united and powerful voice against all the groups that have been exploiting our children in their effort to transform America. The message is simple yet powerful: “They Are My Kids!

Why This Works

Because the American Citizens Have Had Enough! In America, despite the existing divisions, a significant grassroots movement has been gaining momentum. This inclusive movement cuts across political, gender, and racial lines because parents always prioritize their children’s interests. Hundreds of thousands of US citizens are part of this movement, and by helping all these organizations tap into the power of these fed-up citizens, we can all succeed. The timing for this kind of movement has never been better.

The phrase “They Are My Kids!” was born out of listening to parents advocating for their children and researching the messaging and objectives of various non-profit organizations and small parent groups. Although the phrase is not expressed overtly, it encapsulates the common theme of supporting parents’ rights and responsibilities. “They Are My Kids!“is a simple yet powerful phrase that conveys parents’ strong emotions and feelings towards their children.