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We are experienced and successful businesspeople who have come together to share our experiences with parents and nonprofits who are aligned with celebrating the rights of parents to direct and develop their children into contributing citizens and good people. Our efforts are to create a movement within our country to reaffirm the rights that parents have had for centuries. We do this not for personal gain, we do this for the love of the country and citizens.

What we have heard parents and grandparents and others in the nonprofit world say is that these young people are my kids. They are my kids. What has been missing is that political and powerful  groups in this country have squash the little voices that individual parents and small nonprofits can generate. What we have seen in business and what we see possible here today is that when a group of independent people come together with the unification of context powerful results will occur. It is with this in mind that we offer a structure for pulling independent people together to become a strong force and voice for transforming the way parents can educate and develop their children.

We ask that you take a look and what you can do as an individual and compare that with what many individuals can do as a group. We can cause change as a group that can never be changed as an individual. Will you join with us?